Renka Ikebana

蓮華, "Lotus Flower"

Sogetsu School

Welcome! I'm excited to invite you into the world of ikebana and hope you'll join me for classes.

Sogetsu (founded in 1927) is one of the more "modern" ikebana schools and ultimately offers the ikebana artist utmost freedom of expression. At the same time, it offers the foundation of a deep and thorough training. Students work at their own pace, with the Sogetsu textbooks and a teacher as a guide. It is truly a different world one enters into — students often report with delight that their entire way of seeing the world has shifted in just a few lessons! Please explore the various links below for more information and inspiration. The class schedule is below.

All classes are hybrid zoom/in-person (inner SE Portland). Students are encouraged to come in person as much as possible, but a good number of my students live elsewhere and have never been to an in person class! If this is the case for you, please write and I'll explain what you'd need to get started.

Masks are mandatory for in-person classes at this time, and there is a HEPA filter in the classroom. Classes are $15, with a materials fee for new students of $10. (Established students bring their own plant materials.)

Student Work

All classes are currently hybrid — students may attend via zoom (from anywhere!) or in person.

  • Wednesdays 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm pacific

  • Saturdays 10 am - 12 pm pacific

  • First and third Fridays of each month: 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm pacific

Links for current students:

  • Quick link to Pay Class fee (only), or visit the online store to order a textbook or materials (local only). Paying via square includes the square service fee of $1.

  • Ikebana resources on google drive (you need to be a current student to access this folder).

  • Gallery of Renka student ikebana. (The same album in the slide show above.) (Always NEW)

Necessary Tools and Containers:

  • Check out the beginner's shopping list on (You'll need to register, sorry... but it's free.) You will not need everything on the list. You are welcome to borrow tools and containers for class if we are in person, but eventually you will want your own. A good basic container is 10"-12" ceramic or plastic black or white round suiban (moribana/low container) like this. You will also need a straight sided cylinder vase (not glass) of particular proportions. Take a look at the list, or ask me!

Browsing and Inspiration:


Of interest:

My current ikebana album, Florilegium: