Renka Ikebana 

蓮華  "Lotus Flower"

Welcome!  I'm excited to invite you into the world of Sogetsu Ikebana and hope you'll join me for classes.  

Sogetsu (founded in 1927) is one of the more "modern" ikebana schools and  ultimately offers the ikebana artist utmost freedom of expression.  At the same time, it offers the foundation of a deep and thorough training. Students work at their own pace, with the Sogetsu textbooks and a teacher as a guide.  It is truly a different world one enters into — students often report with delight that their entire way of seeing the world has shifted in just a few lessons! Please explore the various links below for more information and inspiration. The class schedule is below.  

All classes are hybrid zoom/in-person (inner SE Portland).  Due to demand, I cannot accept new zoom/remote students at this time.

Masks are mandatory for in-person classes at this time, and there is a HEPA filter in the classroom. Classes are $20, with a materials fee for new students of $15.  (Established students bring their own plant materials.)

Student Work:

Please note: Due to high demand, I cannot accept new zoom/remote only students at this time, and there is a waiting list for new in-person students. Are you interested in joining the wait list for in-person classes?  Check out the details below, and fill out this very brief form.  I'll be in touch soon. Thank you for your understanding and patience.  

Once we have room for new students, there will be a periodic "First Lesson" Class during which  I will demonstrate the first lesson, and in which students complete their first arrangement.  After this class, students can attend one of the classes below.  

Links for current students:

Necessary Tools and Containers:

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Of interest:

My current ikebana album, Florilegium: